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2017-07-07 22:53:45 CRX II Radiator support replacement

Civic CRX Radiator Support Removal & Replacement DIY How-To

I just purchased this car. It is a 1990 Civic Si with radiator support damage. Replacing the support fixed all problems with the headlight, hood, and radiator sitting correctly. I spent about 8 hours total for the entire process from start to finish. It is not a very difficult job and would recommend to anyone with some decent mechanical experience.

Note: All CRX & Hatchbacks are stamped SH3, the sedans are SH4, and the wagons are SH5. All 3 are different. You will need the correct one for your car.

An additional note: all headlight brackets are compatible with any front radiator support that you use. The difference is in the years and the mounts for the corner light. All 88-89 are compatible and all 90-91 are compatible and this applies to all models (hatchback, sedan, crx, and wagon).

If you need any help or suggestions, leave a message in the comment section.

Thanks for watching!

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