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2017-07-07 22:54:13 CRX II Radiator support replacement

CRX Radiator Support Removal/Replacement Time Lapse

I worked on a good friends CRX today. He recently got into a little fender bender and needed his radiator support replaced. The whole process too me about 4.5 hours from drilling out all the spot welds and welding the new support to his car.

In the beginning of the video I was just moving a couple of my cars into the sun. We had some unusually heavy snowfall on 12/26 and I wanted the rest of the snow to melt off of them.

Thanks Chris Winters for letting me perform the work on your car! I hope your happy with the end results!

Here is a link to a DIY I performed of an EF Hatch Radiator Support -

See more of Chris's CRX here --

Thanks for watching!

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