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CRX II Dashboard removal

Forum CRX CRX II Dashboard removal

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2017-07-07 22:44:26

CRX Dashboard Removal 1989 Si How To DIY - Complete EF Shell Cut Apart  |  More info

In this video I show you how to remove the dash from any 88-91 CRX or CIVIC. It's a pretty easy process but does involve some time and being careful as to not damage any of the older plastics.

It is also the end of the 1989 CRX Si. The car has been cut into pieces and taken to the recycler. They don't pay anything for steel but a penny a pound. I took 377 lbs to them and got $3.77 which I turned around and spent on 2 Gatorades because I was tired and thirsty. LOL. I did film the entire cut sequence into a time lapse as well which I found pretty entertaining!

I got some good parts off the car and we'll see if I make all my money back plus extra and which parts I am keeping.

Thanks for watching!!

1989 CRX Si Tear Down & Part Out - RIP