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CRX II Mini muffler installation

Forum CRX CRX II Mini muffler installation

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2017-07-07 22:45:17

Mini Muffler Install | EF Civic Track Car | B18A1 | 88-91  |  More info

Here is my mini muffler install. I wanted to get rid of the large axle back exhaust and lose a little bit more weight plus have the flow of the exhaust shoot straight out the back eliminating the last 2 bends in the piping. The axle back weight 12.5 lbs, the new section I made weighs 4.5 lbs. It's a small 8 lb difference but with all of the other weight reductions I have made, every little bit helps.

I really like how it looks with being able to see the anti-sway bar and lower arm bar also. If you look closely, you can see that I also cut out 2 of the small pieces of sheet metal that were right behind the rear tires. I cut those pieces off because I I didn't like how they looked after I had cut my rear bumper.

The new exhaust is louder than the old one but that was to be expected. I did some driving footage with my external microphone clipped to the rear license plate. I also did a small walk around of my hatch in case you were interested in taking a look at it!

Some videos of my 90 Civic DX Hatchback below!

DIY Hood Vent on my 90 Civic -

DIY Hood Scoop on my 90 Civic -

Rear Bumper Removal & Cutout 90 Hatch -

Rear Interior Removal on my 90 Civic -

Thanks for watching!!