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CRX II Radiator support replacement

Forum CRX CRX II Radiator support replacement

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2017-07-07 22:53:45

Civic CRX Radiator Support Removal & Replacement DIY How-To  |  More info

I just purchased this car. It is a 1990 Civic Si with radiator support damage. Replacing the support fixed all problems with the headlight, hood, and radiator sitting correctly. I spent about 8 hours total for the entire process from start to finish. It is not a very difficult job and would recommend to anyone with some decent mechanical experience.

Note: All CRX & Hatchbacks are stamped SH3, the sedans are SH4, and the wagons are SH5. All 3 are different. You will need the correct one for your car.

An additional note: all headlight brackets are compatible with any front radiator support that you use. The difference is in the years and the mounts for the corner light. All 88-89 are compatible and all 90-91 are compatible and this applies to all models (hatchback, sedan, crx, and wagon).

If you need any help or suggestions, leave a message in the comment section.

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2017-07-07 22:54:13

CRX Radiator Support Removal/Replacement Time Lapse  |  More info

I worked on a good friends CRX today. He recently got into a little fender bender and needed his radiator support replaced. The whole process too me about 4.5 hours from drilling out all the spot welds and welding the new support to his car.

In the beginning of the video I was just moving a couple of my cars into the sun. We had some unusually heavy snowfall on 12/26 and I wanted the rest of the snow to melt off of them.

Thanks Chris Winters for letting me perform the work on your car! I hope your happy with the end results!

Here is a link to a DIY I performed of an EF Hatch Radiator Support -

See more of Chris's CRX here --

Thanks for watching!