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2015-07-12 19:19:34

after how long does one, expected to replace the rear wheel bearings? where can i purchase them.

2015-09-03 09:35:58

davidsunwa: I don't know whether you finally got help with this issue. I've only had my Fit for a few months so I may not be able to give much insight when it comes to replacement parts.

However, Honda have an office in Nairobi, along Mombasa road opp. Vitafoam, where you can be sure to get professional advice on parts and service. It would be a good starting point even as you check other areas. Check the link below for their contacts.

2015-09-03 10:58:02

Dear Enock,

greetings, thanks for the information, its quite important. My Honda Fit has been having issue with the rear bearing. i will check with Honda offices and will update .

2015-09-03 16:18:44

davidsunwa: You're welcome.