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1985 HONDA CRX Si Ride Along

Hey Folks, Decided you all need to have a ride along in the CRX... You guys have never been in mine at least, so here we go also how to crashbox your manual transmission, if you need to drive it without using your clutch pedal.. too cool how to crash box.. 1.start car in FIRST gear, ease on the gas as the engine is cranking and getting the car moving, it'll eventually start and stop bucking and smooth out. 2. get up to a medium speed, let up on the gas, the transmission will "unload" and the shifter will slip out of gear, at the same time pull the shifter into neutral. then tap the gas pedal and "feel" for when the shifter will slip into second (DO THIS SMOOTHLY, DO NOT JERK IT INTO GEAR, OR IT'LL GRIND AND YOU'LL MISS THE SHIFT) 3.REVERSE THE PROCEDURE TO DOWNSHIFT,(Remember the next lower gear is at a HIGHER engine speed, so you'll need to apply more gas to increase the engine revs to match the transmission which turns ALOT faster for a lower gear, say 2nd gear turns TWICE as fast as FOURTH, 4. DO NOT 'SKIP" GEARS..STAY IN PATTERN, or you'll have to stop or fight for one you DONT want, or do damage to your transmission. 5. PRACTICE THIS ON A ROAD WHERE YOU DONT NEED TO DEAL WITH TRAFFIC, DO NOT ATTEMPT IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND THE PRINCIPLES INVOLVED, YOUR DRIVING YOUR CAR NOW AS A TRACTOR TRAILER DRIVER DOES, THEY USE THE CLUTCH MOSTLY JUST TO GET GOING AND TO SIT AT A LIGHT, FOR A SMOOTH START OFF.

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