Video - 1995 Honda Accord Lx F22B2 Non Vtec Engine.

Videos Honda Accord 1995 Honda Accord Lx F22B2 Non Vtec Engine.

1995 Honda Accord Lx F22B2 Non Vtec Engine.

This is my 1995 Honda Accord Lx. It is a Canadian owned and operated car, and has been all its life. All distances and speeds are calculated in kilometres. The conversion from Miles to Kilometres is: 0.62. Miles on the car = 42000 If you have any suggestions on how I can increase my horse power without adding a turbo, leave your comments, and keep your unnecessary comments to yourself. Some suggestions I have heard is to rebuilt the engine with a higher compression. Cam suggestions? Valves? Head? Headers? Intake? Fuel Rail? Help me out! Hope you enjoyed this video, I have now since taken those beautiful rims off because the west coast winters in Canada take a toll on cars with the amount of salt and rocks they put on the roads..

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