Video - 95' Honda Accord "My New Project" (Part 1)

Videos Honda Accord 95' Honda Accord "My New Project" (Part 1)

95' Honda Accord "My New Project" (Part 1)

This is my next project. I will be doing a full custom build on this one. Suspension, Exterior, Interior, Wheels, Paint, Sound system, etc... I have so many ideas that I want to do. I know I wanna lower it but not sure if I want to Bagged it or Hellaflush with a sick camber. So that why I'm going to do the insides first until I can make up my mind on the exterior. If you guys have any ideas for the exterior please let me know. Lowered? Bagged? or Hellaflush? Regular Wheels or Nice Offsets w/ Camber?



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