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Dean's 93 EG sedan B18cR

Whilst on holiday in Johannesburg i was informed by a mate of mine that a pretty serious ballade was around.So i had a look and was really impressed from its looks to its performance. Enjoy! 1993 Honda Ballade 150 Previously D15b carburetor, D - B conversion Motor : JDM B18c Type R JDM 4.4 LSD transmission P73 ECU 2.5" CAI JDM ITR header Custom 2.5" mandrel exhaust Interior: Del Sol seats ITR Dash ITR Cluster Suspension / Brakes: Skunk 2 sleeves + Koni Yellow Spoon upper strut - Front Zspeed rear upper strut Blox LCAs Blox lower tie bar ITR front brakes 14.55 1/4 mile @ 158km/h on street tyres Altitude 5751 ft up from Coast



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Author: Gordon Black
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