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Honda Accord Cabin Filters How to replace a 98-02 Honda Accord cabin filters. **This is a demonstration on what to do to replace cabin filters. Actual cabin filter was not changed** Tools - electric screwdriver or regular screwdriver and a small phillip screwdriver Step 1 remove the lower right side panel (has two screws) Step 2: remove the center console dash cover Step 3: remove the glovebox lower panel Step 4: remove the 5 screws that holds the glovebox and the lower glovebox support Step 5: open the glovebox and remove the 2 screw covers Step 6: remove the top 4 screws Step 7: slowly remove the glovebox by pulling up and towards you Step 8: remove the cabin filter cover and pull the cabin filter trays out Step 9: replace the cabin filters Step 10: reinstall all parts in reverse order

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