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Honda Accord Ignition Switch Replacement

A fastener by fastener tutorial for testing, removing, and installing an ignition switch on a Honda Accord. I cover how to cause an intermittent switch to act up, test it for continuity to verify it's faulty, and how to remove the cylinder assembly from the vehicle so the electrical switch can be removed. Then I cover the 1990s to 2000s Honda ignition switch recalls and the special part numbers that go with them and reinstallation of the cylinder assembly to the vehicle. Ignition Switch Recall Info: Honda TSB Number 02-031 Vehicles affected: 1997 Accord (L4), 1998-1999 Accord (L4 and V6), 1998-2000 Civic, 1997-1999 CRV, 1997-2000 Odyssey, and 1997-1999 Prelude. Intro and outro music by Kevin Macleod (

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