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Honda Civic 1995 Lsi B18C4 Vtec

if your looking to do an engine swap in the eg shape civic which ever b series engine you want go for it, i'd pref stick with a b16a with b18c4 cams and the bottom end on the b18c4 are weak, you need all axles for the b series engine including mounts, no modification needed, the rear mount you will need to get from a intergra 92-95 shape as i had a slight problem with it, now make sure you got a good ratio gearbox see if you can get a civic sir2 gearbox i prefer them boxes as the final gear has a slight stretch, as for wiring sould be plug and play, however if you have a vtec solonoid you will need to remove that pin out of the socket (engine side) and solder a wire on straight to the ecu as the lsi models dont have this wired standardly, make sure you use your original wiring loom or compare if you using the other loom from engine, another wire is the knock sensor and next would be the solenoid temperature sensor the 3 things will need wiring up, use an ecu from a delsol sir 2 or something similar probs from a civic vti saloon, and you should now have a nice motor.......

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