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Honda Civic 2008 Sun Visor Issue

Summer of 2009 - hinge on both driver side and passenger side sun visors melted and came apart. I do use the sun visors to hold my sunshade up but who doesn't? (Read more to see link to report your issue) It is now the summer of 2010 and guess what, its melted AGAIN! Here's a video. HONDA needs to issue a recall. This is in the way of my view when driving. It also melted in the summer of 2011 AND the summer of 2012 even after they received the recall parts. If you're having this issue, please submit a report to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Association so that Honda can be dinged to fix it. Here is the link. They will replace it for free while its under warranty but what happens after and who wants to go in to the dealership EVERYTIME it breaks which is at least twice per summer since both melt.

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