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Videos Honda CRX Honda CRX Crash 1990 - 92

Honda CRX Crash 1990 - 92

Firstly apologies, this was never going to be the best of end results. The 1990 clips are all taken from a VHS crash tape, hence the rubbish soundtrack, I have tried to edit bits together, I repeated the Silverstone shunt because the clip after is the same one from inboard the lead car. Anyone who can give me details about the CRX almost taking the chequer at Oulton park while wheels-up I would be appreciative, the only time I have ever seen a CRX turning turtle. The 1991 clips are much better and are in order, Nial McKenzie takes a starring role in the celebrity car at Knockhill, with an impressive dive into the loose tyres at the hairpin to finish of his impressive showing. Sadly only one clip from 1992, but the small grid says it all.

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