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NFSU2 - Honda Civic Si - 12000 RPM

Honda Civic revving to 12000 RPM, it has a Spoon engine :) Blackcomb Way downhill run with this car: Software used: Download it, good luck and have fun. ==================================================== Or if you just want the modified files, you can download them here: - ALWAYS backup your files! The files you want to backup are: GLOBALA.BUN GLOBALB.BUN GlobalB.lzc ==================================================== - Original files: - 11000 RPM files: - 12000 RPM files: Now, if you want your NFSU2 Honda Civic to rev to 11000 RPM, then simply download the 11000 RPM files and replace them with the original ones (info included), but first please backup your original files. Same goes for the 12000 RPM files. If you don't like the modified files, simply copy and paste your own backed up files and everything will be as it was before. If you didn't follow my instructions or for whatever reason lost the original backed up files, then simply download the original files from the link above, paste them in the appropriate folder (info included) and everything will be the same as before. All these files are from the patched 1.2 version of NFSU2, but the files should work with any version and/or language. I am not responsible for any damage caused by using these files, you do this on your own risk. ==================================================== The sound shouldn't be like on the video with ...



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