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Review: 2005 Toyota Prius/Honda Accord

Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. Proving that there is something new under the sun, the 2005 Toyota Prius ushers Americans into a new era in powertrain technology. Yes, the original Prius sedan showcased the same hybrid engine expertise that allowed it to sip precious fossil fuels and limit noxious emissions, but that initial effort was hampered by anemic acceleration and packaging compromises. This Toyota Prius, sold in hatchback form, may still look polemic to some, but with generous seating for five, decent get-up-and-go, and an impressively capacious cargo space, it has caught on in a major way, producing long waiting lists at most dealers. For those requiring Point A to Point B transportation, there are few logical reasons to spend $20000 on any other vehicle that will be used solely for commuting to the office, to the grocery store and to the mall. And for those who are concerned with gas prices, as well as the future health of the planet, that is a very good thing. Trouble is, dealers want more than sticker for the Toyota Prius, which makes less expensive, PZEV-rated vehicles like the Ford Focus much more appealing.

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