Video - Semi-Custom Honda Civic (+240K Miles!)

Videos Honda Civic Semi-Custom Honda Civic (+240K Miles!)

Semi-Custom Honda Civic (+240K Miles!)

My buddies Civic. He scored it for about 1200$ I think. It ran a tad rough, needed a new clutch, and the electric fans were screwed up, and would only run when the AC was cranked up. (Which was fine, since he always had it on in the Summer, but now that its cold outside, it was just some jimmy rigged wiring, and a bad sensor). Hes fixed all that, new plugs, wires, fluid all around, and the things running like a champ at 240000 miles. Im not a fan of Honda by any means, I really dont care for them, but thats pretty damn good for a 1.6 little sedan IMO. Hes also getting about 33 MPGs average. He has some 17" chrome wheels, with brand new tires he got on craigslist for like 200$ and couldnt pass up. He did have to get adapters, which make them stick out about 1/2" from the body, but I like the stance from the back, and I think its growing on him. Hes also done the headunit, a 10" bandpass setup in the trunk, door speakers, bought an overlay for the cluster, AND a "pod" type dash overlay for the whole cluster. Tinted taillights, eBay smoked projectors with LED halos, and tinted the back windows himself, and overhauled the whole exhaust from the cats back. It also has remote start/keyless entry.



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