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Vtec Song - The Birth of A Civic - Honda Vtech Song

The birth of a honda civic 1989 civic hatchback Honda Song Lyrics honda vtec sound my vtech goes bwaaaahhh I love my Honda like I love my ganja Ill smoke ya v-8 like I smoke marijuana Back up boy and show some respect My Honda civic has a 4 cylinder vtec When I go out people wanna see my ride They always stare at the "Type R" on the side I painted my hood black for that carbon fiber look My windshield wiper lights that off tha fuckin hook I took off my hubcaps cause they give me better times When I rip a new track Im stunnin on my rhymes My exhaust turned sideways with a 5 inch tip I raced a z06 and took home his pink slip I got a new spoiler from JC whitney It's a 15 inch doublestak worth every penny APC decals and two racing stripes 4 ion blue daytime runiing lights When I take off tha front tires go up in smoke And chevys with 350s aint nothing but a joke Went to Pep Boys and bought all the neon lights Its like Las Vegas when you see me at night Dont mess with tha vtec cause itll send ya home Cryin lika fat kid that dropped his ice cream cone When ya see my comin get outta my way I gotta cruise tha mall cause you know its Friday I doing loud fly-bys all down tha highway Bumping some techno with my visor turned sideways If you wanna race ya ass will get tossed I throw in it neutral and rev up the exhaust Im gonna leave your ass in a world on pain My adrenaline rushin with tha rice in my veins Nutra slam it in drive when the light turns green And Ill eat a Saleen like ya ...

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